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Courageous Hope

December 30, 2018 - Josh Burcham

As the book of Jeremiah makes a shift, we are going to make a shift as well. We’ve spent this series looking at the book for the perspective of Jeremiah and apply his life to our lives, but what if we played Israel in this story. What if we were the ones in the wrong, the ones living in sin… do we have any hope?

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Courageous Trust

December 23, 2018 - Alan Briggs

Only God is worthy of our trust and yet we so often try and put things in his place. This week we see the inevitable destruction that comes about when we put our trust in things beside God.

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Courageously Not In Control

December 16, 2018 - Kelly Williams

We all want to know, “If I live well and courageous in my faith, will I be ‘successful?’” Or, we would like for someone to tell us, “Living a life of faith and integrity is not going to pay off in the end.”

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Courageous Grace

December 9, 2018 - Kelly Williams

Do you have someone in your life you are tempted to give up on? Have they caused you a lot of pain and sorrow from their sinful choices and you feel like giving up on them because you are not sure you can take it anymore? If so, Jeremiah understands! Today we are talking about a subject entitled COURAGEOUS GRACE as we seek to answer the question, “How can others experience the courageous grace of God through you?”

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Courageous Trust In God’s Promises

December 2, 2018 - Kelly Williams

Today we are talking about a subject entitled “COURAGEOUS TRUST IN GOD’S PROMISES” as we seek to answer the question today, “How do you have courageous trust in God’s promises to restore what is broken?"

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Elevating Biblical Love

November 25, 2018 - Guest Speaker

Pastor Jack McKee from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is with us this weekend talking about "Elevating Biblical Love".

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Courageous Restoration

November 18, 2018 - Kelly Williams

If you have ever tried to restore someone back to God like Jeremiah attempted to do for the nation of Israel, you know that this is no easy task, but it is a noble and high calling for our Savior Jesus Christ. God wants people to be restored to Himself. So, today I want to encourage you, don’t give up on restoring those who have gone wayward from the Lord.

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Courageous Shepherds Of God

November 11, 2018 - Kelly Williams

It seems like we have little grace today for pastors in America who aren't physically fit or chiseled like a body builder, but we practically stand up and applaud pastors who borderline brag about how emotionally unfit their lives, marriages, and relationships are. When did this change occur in the church of Jesus Christ in United States? Where are we headed? Jeremiah lived in a day when the holiness of God no longer mattered to the people of God.

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The Courage To Care

November 4, 2018 - Guest Speaker

Rob Kelly, Church Relations Manager at Compassion International, is here to talk about having "The Courage To Care" during our "Live Courageous" series.

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Facing the Unrepentant

October 28, 2018 - Kelly Williams

All of us at some point in our lives will have a friend, a love one, or someone else in your life that refuses to repent. No matter what you say to them or how you try to frame it, they just want relent on their unrepentance?

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Courageous Intercession For The Unrepentant

October 21, 2018 - Tosha Williams

God want us to be heartbroken over the sin of others in our lives who claim His name but refuse to repent. He calls us to intercede on their behalf. He calls us to stand in the gap and do for them what they are not even willing to do for themselves. True intercession is not cheap Christianity full of platitudes of “I will pray for you” just to get them to leave you alone. This type of praying is for people who don’t even won’t you pray for them or if they do, they don’t think they need it.

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Courageous Confrontation

October 14, 2018 - Kelly Williams

The Bible is very clear both in the New and Old Testaments that we have responsibility to hold each other accountable to being who God created us to be. Today we are talking about a subject entitled, “COURAGEOUS CONFRONTATION” as we seek to answer the question, “How do we courageously confront our brothers and sisters who refuse to repent?”

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Courageously Come Back to God

October 7, 2018 - Kelly Williams

Today we are talking about a subject entitled, COURAGEOUSLY COME BACK TO GOD as we seek to answer the question, “How do we courageously come back to God when we have blatantly disobeyed Him?”

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Why Repent to God?

September 30, 2018 - Kelly Williams

Where are you today in your walk with God? What is saying to your heart? What is your response to Him? Are you repenting or rebelling?

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Facing Your Sin Courageously

September 23, 2018 - Kelly Williams

All of us have things that we wish were not true of us. Sometimes we call these, “regrets.” And they usually fall into one or two categories. Things we have done unintentionally and intentional ways. We have all sinned intentionally and we have all sinned unintentionally. Some sins are omission. Meaning, things you didn’t do that you should have done. Some sins are commission. Meaning, things you did that you shouldn’t have done. Today we are talking about a subject entitled, “FACING YOUR SIN COURAGEOUSLY.”

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Baby Steps to Courage

September 16, 2018 - Ray Woolridge

Every day we have to choose the moment we wake up if we are going to live out the calling God has for us this day. Are we going to choose what is safe and comfortable or to be courageous for Christ.

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Living Your Courageous Calling from God

September 10, 2018 - Kelly Williams

Today we meet Jeremiah and the calling that God places upon his life. Every one of us have a calling from God placed on our lives and every one of us will need the supernatural courage of God to do what He has created you and me to do

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