On February 25, 2023, over 100 people gathered to honor Marty and Cindy Rauer’s daughter Jessica. It was a beautiful time of remembering Jessica. More importantly Cindy, Jessica’s mom, honored Jesus. Through her testimony she proclaimed the truth of the Gospel even after going through the deepest, saddest, and darkest season of her life. Watching her daughter, Jessica, battle cancer and ineffably losing her battle. No parent should ever have watch their child suffer through a horrible illness or tragedy and then bury their child, but Marty and Cindy did. And, not only did they bury her, they trusted God with the outcome they would have never chosen.

Vanguard wants to honor Jessica’s legacy and how it has impacted her children and others. After attending Jessica’s celebration of life, I felt like the Lord said, “I want you to honor their faith in me by naming this legacy project after Jessica.”  If you live by faith, your legacy is not behind you but in front of you. It is not in your past but your future, because legacy of faith lives on in generations to come and echoes into eternity.

Vanguard’s Jessica’s Legacy Project is hoping to love even more people into a real relationship with Jesus by building into the following programs. Expediting an early pay off of our mortgage would encompass 80% of every pledge.  The other 20% would support Jessica’s legacy by expanding our Next Generation ministries for children and students to reach generations to come. This 20% would be under the direction of the Vanguard elder board and used to multiply and exponentially increase the opportunity for generations to come to hear the Gospel of Jesus and believe in Him as their Lord and Savior through strategic projects. The first major Next Generation project we are considering is a playground in honor of Jessica. This would enable us to start a five-day a week preschool at Vanguard Central and reach more children and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 With the assistance of the other 80% of the Jessica Legacy Project, we hope to develop a plan to make Vanguard Central debt free by its 40th year as a church in March of 2037.  We would need 100 givers to give $250 or more each month in addition to their regular tithing. Many may not be able to give this much, and some may be able to give more.  The attached commitment paper will allow each of you to donate a monthly amount consistent with your income and your prayerful consideration. 

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to give to The Jessica Legacy Project!
Pastor Kelly M. Williams
Vanguard Church
Senior Pastor


  1. We want Vanguard to be debt-free by its 40th birthday, which is March 1, 2037. This has ALWAYS been the goal of our church since purchasing 3950 North Academy. This gives us a longer runway to fulfill this goal.
  2. We want to secure a PERMANENT LONGTERM PRESENCE in the heart of Colorado Springs here at the busiest intersection in our city, AUSTIN BLUFFS AND ACADEMY so we can continue to impact this part of our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make HIM MORE FAMOUS in the generations to come. Our legacy is in front of us!
  3. We want the next generation of leaders to be able to look to the future with dreams for future generations and not be incumbered by limits from the past, so that we can be even more effective in reaching the NEXT GENERATION with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  4. Launching now gives us three years to raise the initial $900k and this positions us at our next refi October 2026 to pay down the mortgage and be within the 1 to 3 income to debt ratio that allows us to get a much better interest rate on our loan. It also could allow us to get a longer term on our loan.
  5. Every million dollars we pay off on the mortgage frees up roughly $84k annually to be directed toward other ministry, staff, and new location opportunities to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and overseas.
  6. We want to position ourselves to be able to give larger gifts to our other Vanguard location and future locations to help them reach the lost in the areas where they are planted.
  7. As time goes on, churches rooted in Scripture, led by the Spirit, and morally controlled by the Truth of God’s Word, seem to be lessening in number. We want Vanguard to be able to grow in effectiveness to be a light in a church world in the heart of our city where it seems to be growing darker toward God’s Word and truths of His Scripture with each passing generation. A paid off mortgage gives the leadership a greater peace to proclaim the Truth of God’s Word without fear of being encumbered by a mortgage that could require compliance or compromise and allows the church to take greater risks to reach the lost.
  8. As costs continue to increase to function in our society with less discretionary income present for the average person, we want to position Vanguard with a paid off mortgage to be able to adequately care for its existing staff and needs along with being generous to do things that are free in the community to take risks to advance the Gospel. A paid off mortgage gives us greater freedom for generations to come to do so.
  9. One of the greatest commodities of a church is its building. We have now had 23 years of being at this location. And since Covid, it has amazed me how many people have come BACK to this location who USED to attend Vanguard 10, 15, even 23 years ago. Our consistent presence at this location along with developed reputation of teaching God’s Word unapologetically has positioned us to be an anchor for the Gospel in this part of our city as a symbol that people can depend and rely upon for Truth and Hope. I realize a building is just a building but I believe God picked this place for us to make Him famous to others HERE first, then in the Tri-Lakes area and then to  other areas and then to the uttermost parts of the earth.
  10. We have made a six-plex theater God’s sanctuary for worship. We have transformed this place and are still transforming it. The Enemy has fought us for 23 years now to get us to leave. And many times it appeared He was going to be successful, but NO. God had other plans. We have the opportunity to position a new generation and generations to come to reach the lost and plant more churches. These next fourteen years are critical to stewarding well what God has entrusted to us. Many of us have carried the weight of the financial responsibility of this church for years, even decades, and this is our chance to make sure the weight was worth it so that a new generation of leaders can stand on our shoulders of sacrifice and a new generation of people can hear and experience the Gospel. NOW is the time to rise and prepare! We have the time to do this! Let’s get after it.



What’s next for you?

Pastor Jon Elsberry leads our stewardship ministry and God is giving him great vision for how he and those he raises up can help each one of us personally grow in our stewardship so that we can eventually join this legacy project and leave a legacy in front us and not behind us for His glory and others good. If you are not ready or able, no worries, Pastor Jon wants to help you, his email is [email protected] And Pastor Jon does just that, he cares. He cares for God’s lambs. Let us help you live for more than just now, let us help you leave a legacy for generations to come through the mission of Vanguard of loving other into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Let’s take a risk NOW so we can reach more THEN with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Kelly

We want to establish a fund to create projects that increase our effectiveness to reach the next generation. Our first project is a playground at Vanguard Central. This will allow us to create a five day a week preschool and reach more families and kids with the Gospel.