Glocal Partner

We partner with Hope and Home to love on children by giving them
more than just a roof over their head. We give them a home.

Their Story

You could say we’re “The Little Engine That Could”. We started with a few concerned members of a church Sunday school group who saw foster kids being treated like second-class citizens—or worse—and decided to do something about it.

Today we’ve turned foster care upside down and have emerged as one of the largest, most dynamic child placement agencies (CPAs) in the state of Colorado, with hundreds of children rescued from the foster-care system and happily adopted. Each year we provide short- and long-term in-family care to hundreds of children in crisis. At any given time, well over 100 families accross the front range are either providing care for foster children or are in training to become licensed with us.

How do we Partner with Hope and Home?

We partner with Hope and Home because we believe in them and we have multiple families that foster and have adopted children through their agency. We want to be the church as Jesus has called us to be care for the child and the orphan.