Glocal Partner

The Frontline Church Planting Center was birthed out of Vanguard
to see the Gospel spread throughout the Front Range.

The Church is losing ground in America today. Very few would argue that fact, but church planting remains the bright spot in church growth & multiplication. Leaders all over the world are being raised up from the harvest and sensing the call to make disciples & plant churches. Most planters have no place to turn for equipping & encouragement.   We see a daunting fail rate among church plants, especially here in Colorado, and we believe much of this is due to the lack of equipping & cultural knowledge of the area. We see the major need for a church planting hub in the Front Range region that can train leaders to plant churches that will engage communities and reach the lost.

What is the Story Behind Frontline?

Years ago Vanguard Church felt the call to develop and assist church planters who are in process of launching & pastoring churches. We knew God had called Vanguard to be a church birthing center that would equip & send out leaders into Colorado Springs, the Front Range, our nation & the world. God brought this vision into focus for Vanguard in 2010. We knew we couldn’t dream about it anymore; we were called to action. We are on the road to multiplying thousands of leaders as we equip & send them out to plant multiplying churches.

Frontline’s Mission is Simple

Multiplying Disciples >> Leaders >> Churches