Their Mission

Crossfire Ministries is a Christian, faith based, non-profit organization seeking to put God’s love into action, dedicated to offering hope and encouragement for a changed life by furnishing the daily necessities to those in need.


  • To provide food, clothing and other basic items of daily living to those who lack them

  • To offer education and guidance that inspires and equips for greater social and financial responsibility

  • To engage in Christ-like activity that meets the requirements of a “fertile ground” ministry to those who give time, labor and finances into our cause

  • To welcome and foster volunteer service from outside sources who have a heart to serve their fellow man

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through steadfast obedience to His great command “to love Him with all our heart and love our neighbor as we love ourselves”.

What does our support help do?

Connect individuals and families in the local community to a weekly food bank in times of need.