Dear Vanguard Family of Churches (Central, Palmer Lake, and Briargate),
Our President has asked us to limit our public gatherings to 10 people or less for the next 15 days (through March). We believe it is prudent to honor his request and comply with the precautions and guidelines he has given us.
Romans 13 tells us…Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. 2Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.
1 Peter 2:7 tells us…Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.
Why do I share this with you? Because Scripture should ALWAYS inform, shape, and influence our decisions as a church and followers of Jesus Christ.
In light of this new reality, we will be going to livestream services only at Vanguard Central and inviting our two other locations to join us for our regularly scheduled weekend worship services ONLINE Saturdays at 5pm and Sunday at 9:15am and 11am.
We want to encourage you to keep attending online, the service time you normally attended in person, to keep as much normalcy and consistency for you, your family, and the church’s ministries to you in your schedule.
Each of our weekend services will be live, organic, consistent, and life-giving. We want to encourage you to keep sharing the services on your social media feeds and inviting your friends to join you. We can all be virtual evangelist in this season to our friends and family.
We will continue in our “Trauma to Triumph” series.
We will be asking the question in the message this weekend, “How would you respond to the events in your life right now, if you KNEW God was with you?”
Our worship will be live and organic for each service with Holy Spirit margin present so we can linger and experience the healing God has for us in this time.
Our worship services will follow the following format:
3 songs
1 Song
This weekend Aaron McClain will lead us in worship, I (Pastor Kelly) will be speaking live at the 5pm Saturday night service. Tim Hawkins, our Vanguard Palmer Lake Lead Pastor, will be speaking live on Sunday morning 9:15 and 11. I (Pastor Kelly) will serve as the lead shep for our Sunday Moring Services this weekend.
We will also be adding an online pastor to our services, Steph Munden, our Student Associate Pastor, she will be on with you communicating with you in real time during the services, welcoming you, connecting with you, and answering any questions you might have. Our service will be streaming on our website and also on our Vanguard Facebook Page.
We want to encourage you to pick up the necessary items for communion before the weekend, so you have it on hand at home to take with us. We think this is very important.
As of now, we plan to keep the Vanguard Central Church offices and building open for regular church office hours- Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm. If you need to come by the church, please do so during these times, the building will be open for you to come in and pray or connect for meetings of 10 people or less.
We want to encourage you to be the church to those around you. If you are wanting to know more on how you can serve others, please let our ministries office know this at [email protected].  We want to encourage you to look around your neighborhood and network of friendships and relationships and ask the Lord for wisdom on how you can share His love with them.
Jesus tells us, “The greatest among you shall be your servant.” Matthew 23:11
As a Vanguard ministry and leadership team, we are looking for the best ways to serve you and your family and friends in this unparalleled time. We want to equally encourage our life groups to be the church to each other and those around them in this time.
If you have a prayer request or a need please email the church at [email protected] and our care ministry, prayer ministry, and the specific Vanguard ministry will be in touch depending on the need.
Regarding ministry details of ongoing groups of 10 or less, please reach out to your respective pastoral leadership team member, staff member, ministry director or life group leader for further details.
Moms and Dads, our Family Ministry will be communicating with parents as well as sending out lessons, resources, and videos to give parents tools to lead their families. The two main ways we will do this is through email (so please make sure your emails are up to date on planning center) and the Vanguard kids facebook page at . Students will be updating at
These circumstances and details may not be ideal, but we are going to make the best of it. This is a unique chance for us to love people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ by taking risks to reach the lost in new and yes, challenging ways.
We will function as a church under these guidelines for the remainder of March as our President has asked. We will continue to monitor the changing circumstances and adjust accordingly. Pray for the people who are working hard to find solutions to this coronavirus pandemic. May God use all of our efforts through this social distancing to flatten the curve.
We ask you to join us in asking the Lord that by April 1, progress will be made with the virus and we can start meeting again in person for weekend worship services. May the Lord receive all the glory and attention in this season of challenge.
We will “see” you Saturday or Sunday on livestream!
If you have any follow up questions please email Ellen Goad, Ministries Pastor, at [email protected].
We love you very much!
Pastor Kelly
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